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Nick Clegg - Spring Conference - 8th March 2014The Liberal Democrats are working to build astronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

That's why in Government we have given 24 million people a £700 tax cut, created 1 million jobs and helped 1.5 million apprentices.

That's 5,500 more people in work every working day!

5500 people every working day

We are the only party that can anchor Britain in the centre ground, ensuring we have sustainable growth and equality of opportunity.

Labour can't be trusted with the economy, in government they would drag Britain to the left, borrowing too much, spending too much and risking the recovery.

And the Conservatives can't be trusted to treat people fairly. If Liberal Democrats weren't in Government, the Tories would focus attention on the best-off, let employers fire staff without cause and allow schools to be run for profit.

Only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling every person to get on in life.

Recent updates

  • candidates
    Article: Oct 1, 2014

    The Local Party Executive of Broxtowe Liberal Democrats invites applications for selection as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Broxtowe

    Download infomation here

  • Article: Oct 1, 2014

    Speaking at the conservative Conference, David Cameron announced plans to increase the personal tax allowance to £12,500, something which the Liberal Democrats have long been campaigning on.

    Responding to this announcement and attempts to pass off this and other tax plans as Conservative ideas, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said:

  • Article: Oct 1, 2014

    Chair of the Liberal Democrats' Equalities Policy Working Group, Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon, looks forward to discussing their work at Conference:

    'In the present state of society it appears necessary to go back to first principles in search of the most simple truths, and to dispute with some prevailing prejudice every inch of ground.' So wrote Mary Wollstencraft in 1792. More recently, party members in the Twitterverse have become accustomed to the phrase 'check your privilege'. For Liberal Democrats our constitution is clear enough about the simple truths upon which we agree: "The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community". As a result we challenge prejudice and entrenched privilege every step of the way and promote equality in a free society.

  • Article: Oct 1, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable is preparing to launch a review into the lack of ethnic minority directors in British boardrooms.

    Through Lord Davies' report which Vince commissioned, Liberal Democrats in government have made progress in extending the diversity of our boardrooms, bringing us to a stage where there are now no all-male boardrooms left in the FTSE100.

  • Article: Sep 30, 2014

    Following a speech by the Home Secretary Theresa May referencing the Communications Data Bill, Liberal Democrat spokesman on Home Affairs, Justice and Equalities Julian Huppert has sent the letter below to Theresa May.

    Dear Theresa,

    We disagree on the Communications Data Bill.

    The Liberal Democrat position is clear: we do not think that the proposal to store a record of every citizen's internet browsing for 12 months is compatible with our basic civil liberties. We also do not think it is right to force UK companies to keep track of everything people do on Google, Facebook or other websites. You appear determined to push ahead with the scheme at all costs, regardless of widespread public concern. I'm more than happy to continue to have that debate as we approach the general election.

  • key_digital-bill-of-rights.jpg
    Article: Sep 30, 2014

    Theresa May announced today that the Conservative government would introduce a 'Snooper's Charter', something that the Liberal Democrats will not support.

    A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said:

    "We utterly reject the allegation that the blocking of the Communications Data Bill has put lives at risk.

    "Police already have the ability to obtain data in urgent cases where lives are in danger.

  • Article: Sep 30, 2014

    The Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has requested an urgent meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to the UK to discuss the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

    Tens of thousands joined the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong on Sunday as they want Beijing to give Hong Kong a free vote for its next leader, something Beijing has rejected.

  • Article: Sep 29, 2014

    Kelham House Country Manor Hotel Main Street, Kelham, Newark, NG23 5QP

    Sunday 19th October 2014, 12.00 for 12.30

    Download Menu and Ticket Reservation form here

    Please reserve your tickets by Friday 3 October

    The venue this year is at ground level and fully accessible to anyone with mobility problems.

  • Article: Sep 26, 2014

    Congratulations to the Liberal Democrat team and newly elected councillor Kim Adams who took the Epping Hemnall seat from the Conservatives in yesterday's by-election.

    Liberal Democrats now hold every seat in the ward on Epping Forest District Council. It was a great win for Kim who took 43.3% of the vote.

  • Article: Sep 26, 2014
    By Daniel Henry - Leicester City

    At Lib Dem Conference in Glasgow, a motion on Welfare Reform will be debated.

    This is an amendment being proposed to add a section on the motion to address concerns around Workfare.

    As it is a broad motion, I have chosen to avoid getting bogged down in too much detail and to instead focus on two proposals:

    1. The DWP currently arranges work placements with companies and then tries to get claimants to participate in these placements, but these placements aren't necessarily suited to the claimants needs or career aspirations.

      Switching the focus so claimants were instead given help, support and encouragement to find their own placements would allow them to explore what they want to do, find what their talents are suited do, and would have a better chance of finding a placement that would actually further their employment prospects.

    2. Many of the DWP schemes are mandatory - the claimant has to participate or they lose their benefits and have nothing to live on. Being made to work in full time placements for the benefits effectively means being made to work for below minimum wage. Many feel that this is unfair and that it undermines the minimum wage.

      Establishing a fairness principle, so that participants on mandatory placements were given the equivalent of minimum wage, would ensure that these participants are getting the same fair treatment as regular workers. This can be done by either limiting their hours or by topping up their benefits so their final payment is equal to the minimum wage for the hours they have worked.

    If you are a conference voting rep and would like to support this amendment, please send an email to drh4321@gmail.com with your:

    • Name

    • Local Party

    • Membership Number

    The wording of the amendment:

    Conference notes;


    F. Complaints against Welfare to Work schemes involving unpaid work, such as unsuitable placements, the undermining of the minimum wage and how these controversies are discouraging third party organisations from participating and providing placements.

    Conference therefore Calls for:


    6. A reformed approach to Welfare to Work schemes whereby:

    i) Benefit claimants to be given encouragement and support to arrange their own work experience placements, to help them find the right placement in their area of interest to further their dreams and aspirations.

    ii) A Fairness Principle is implemented for mandatory schemes, so claimants made to work for their benefits receive the equivalent of minimum wage for their work.